Sunday, June 30, 2013


Wow, where has the time gone? We got back last Wednesday and I still haven't found the time to write my post, what a procrastinator. Ok, better get to it. We spent 5 full days in Los Cabos, which include Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo Pulmo. Our hotel was in between the first two Cabos, it was a resort right on the beach and our package was all inclusive. The place was nice enough, lots of palm trees, sun and ocean. It looked like this from our balcony

Our room was nice and clean and though we didn't spring for the more expensive 'ocean front' room, we could see the beach just fine form our balcony. There was a nice pool area, which you can see through the trees, in the picture above. The people that ran the pool were rather attached to their towels,  they kinda reminded me of the towel nazis ( a la Seinfeld). We had these two cards (one each) that we gave them in the morning in exchange for a towel. At the end of the day or whenever we were done with out towel activities, we were to return the towels and get our little cards back. They wrote down our room number and name each time and if we didn't return the towels, they would charge us $30.00....for each day we failed to return the towels. You bet I kept those puppies close by. 
Then, we tried to use one of the volleyballs that were in the pool the day before, but we had to get it at the pool desk **cue scary music**...Yep, the guy made me sign an affidavit in blood that I would return the volleyball or I would be charged another $30.00 (apparently they buy their sporting goods at the same place where they get their beach towels). I found the whole thing a little weird, but since I was on vacation, I decided not to make a big deal out of it.

One of the things we did, which I totally loved was stand up paddle surfing, I love it now, and would love to do it here, but it's kind of hard to stand on a surf board and paddle in the sand....

Taking a break....

We were supposed to go kayaking and snorkeling on the last day before we left, however, the weather was not very cooperative. There was a hurricane in the south Pacific whose effect came all the way up to Baja, so the sea was rather rough and the surf even worse.

kinda hard to take the kayak out in this....

That was a bummer, but at least we got our $$ back since we didn't do the excursion. Baja California is very nice, even though the ocean is not as warm as I thought. The sea of Cortez (on the other side of Baja) is supposed to be warmer, but you have to go quite a ways up, as where we were the temperature was not that different from Cabo. There is a very cool rock formation at the end of Baja, which most people call the arch. You have 'lovers' beach' on the sea of Cortez side and 'divorce beach' on the Pacific's side. It looks like this..

All in all we had a great time. When we got hurricaned out (new word, cool uh?), we spent the afternoon shopping in Cabo San Lucas, then we realized that San Jose del Cabo is much nicer, cleaner and newer. We'll go there next time. The locals are always trying to make a profit on the tourist trade, I can't blame them, Cabo is full of foreigners that will pay for just about anything...
Horse back riding on the beach during the hurricane..


  1. Do you hear that?

    ...That's the sound of me being insanely jealous of you. Glad to hear you had a blast, though.

  2. I LOVED Cabo San Lucas--been there 3 times!!

  3. Towel nazis are evil.


  4. That looks like a great vacation. I've never been down to that part of the world, but it looks inviting.

  5. Glad you had fun! A lot of people must take their towels and balls or used to for them to charge that much.

  6. Glad you had a good time! Vacations are such stress-relievers, even if you have to sign in blood for towels and volley balls!