Saturday, August 3, 2013


...of my vacation, that is. I must warn you, this post is going to be a whine fest. I don't usually whine too much (do I?), but I really have to get this off my chest, cause you know, it's not good to keep things in, and far being from me to do something that is not good....(not buying it either, uh?). Anyway, in all its wisdom, my district decided to line its school year with that of the local high school district, which starts in one week. Great, since the high school district begins and ends before we usually do, this next year we also should end sooner, right? Wrooong! We don't end  at the end of May like the big kids, that would make too much sense, instead we end a whole two days earlier. We do have three weeks for Christmas and two for Spring break, but I'd much rather have a longer summer.

Ok, now for the real whining (you thought I was done?). Thanks to all the big mess that happened last year with the principal from hell, I was moved to another school, which in and of itself would have been just fine, except they also changed my subject, so now instead of teaching science - my true love - I have to teach history, which is so far away from anything even resembling love, it's not even funny. Just because I can teach both, it doesn't mean I want to teach social studies, I really really don't. I don't just like science, I totally dig it, I dig it so much I read science textbooks for fun (I know, I'm sick...). When I'm online, I'm usually on some science website reading articles etc., I watch the science channel, Discovery channel, National Geographic, you name it, on a regular basis. I feel at my ease talking about the major organs of the human body as well as the big bang theory (not the show), which is not the case with the revolutionary war, the French and Indian wars, the Civil war etc. World history I can almost muster, but I don't get to teach that cause 8th grade is U.S. history...oh joy!

Don't get me wrong, I think American history is very interesting, very relevant and thankfully, unlike that of other countries, but it's just not what I'm into. So, this year I plan on doing a lot of whining about this, in the hopes that somebody might get tired enough to move any of the science teachers from any of the middle schools. What I think is actually messed up is the fact that there are people currently teaching science, who do not have the proper qualifications for it, in other words, are not 'highly qualified', like that stupid NCLB law says. Most of them are elementary teachers to whom the district gave a 'temporary limited permit' to teach science, when there was a big need for science teachers a few years back. Now, those people, whose permits should only be renewed once, are still teaching science, while people like me, with all the requirements etc., have to suck it up and teach history. 

Well, if things don't change this year, it looks like I'll be going back to high school. For now though, a little more whining is in order.........

Trucking Italian style....


  1. You obviously have a love for science. You should teach science. Maybe you should share this post with your principal. It's very convincing.

  2. Sorry you have to teach a subject you don't particularly care for. I love science, but I also love history. I will watch all the channels you mentioned but I love the history channel, too. Hopefully it all turns out well for you.

    1. I watch the history channel too, they have a lot of cool shows, besides Pawn Stars of course...:)

  3. I love science, even if I don't understand all of it. I could spend all day on Discovery Health, Discovery Channel, etc. Well, until Discovery just finally becomes The Learning Channel 2.0, ditches all shows with any semblance of intelligence, and just becomes the "stupid reality shows about mundane blue collar jobs" network.

  4. Maybe they will decide they miss teaching elementary age kids. I sure hope so. I think you would be a wonderful science teacher.

  5. I hope you get to teach science again.

  6. Dear Alessandra, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. I find myself in great sympathy with you--teaching what we is second or third or ninth on our list of enjoyable classes is seldom fun. In fact, it's stressful. I'm wondering if you know the book "A People's History of the United States from 1492 to the Present" by Howard Zinn. It has become a classic. Rather than tell history through wars and battles, it presents history through the stories of the ordinary people who lived it. If you don't know this book, it may provide you with stories that will enlighten and enhance your own teaching of a subject that's not your favorite.

    In your comment on my posting you said you thought I'd left the convent. I did--way back in December 1966. But I continue to write about it as those years, from June 1958 to when I left are formative in my life. And I remember them so well because of all the emotion that went into living the life. Peace.