Sunday, December 30, 2012


What else is new, right? Lately, it seems like I'm aggravated on a daily basis. Mostly, I'm aggravated because all this moving around is getting on my nerves. I haven't moved all my stuff back yet, and apparently, every time I look for something, I don't have it cause it's still at the apartment. Why haven't I moved everything yet, you ask?. Well, because my husband's astute mechanic is gone on vacation and the guy he left in charge doesn't even know what time it is, let alone how to get a part for a vehicle. So my truck sits at the garage, waiting for some stupid ass part that my chihuahuas could probably find online, cause the guy is still gone and I don't know when he's getting back. I told my husband that if that truck is not ready by this coming Wednesday, I'm going down there and I'm going to sit there until they finish it. 

I'm also aggravated because my bathroom is too freaking small. I mean, I don't even have a bathtub. The thing that really aggravates me the most is the fact that I've told my hubby about this more than once (actually about a gazillion times), and he still hasn't done anything about it. I don't know exactly what I want him to do, but inaction is what drives me crazy.

Something else that really aggravates me is how some people are acting now that my husband an I are back together and working things out. I hate to say it, these are what I thought were my friends, but I guess I was wrong. Whatever happened between us is just that, between us, nobody else was involved, and I don't understand why other people would take offense to that. Some people's true feelings are coming out now, and it seems to me they're not at all happy about what is happening. They seem to be mad about it, maybe because they don't like my husband (as if I care), or maybe because deep down they're not really my friends, they just want to control me. What is wrong with people anymore? Is it just me or this shit just should not be happening? I don't know anymore, but there's an old saying, 'with friends like this you don't need any enemies'; whoever said that hit the nail right on the head!


  1. Sorry to hear your friends aren't be as supportive as they should. That really sucks.

  2. I just want you to be happy, however that happens!!

  3. Having significant other problems is always the true measure of a friend. Also, since I don't like putting my own foot in my mouth, no matter how much I hate a significant other, I always am careful with how I answer the question, "So what did you REALLY think about them?"

    The right answer: That doesn't matter, but I support your decision to break things off and I'm here if you need me.

    It's the truth, and if they get back together I don't look like the asshole.

  4. It's always difficult when your friends aren't supportive of your relationship. The best course of action is to stay out of it. But, most people don't. They hear you vent when things are rocky and if/when things get better they still remember what the cause was and they place blame.

  5. Hello honey! happy new year!
    I like your blog, maybe follow each other? Just let me know!

  6. Personally I'm with you girl. If you can work it out and if he didn't abuse or cheat on you then it's no ones business.. I'm sure people are just trying to keep you safe and with your heart unbroken. I hope it all works out for you girl.