Sunday, May 5, 2013


...Writing that is, I haven't posted as much as I'd like, I'm not sure why but I think that working, cycling,   the piano, the dogs (and cats), the husband, and who knows what else seem to take up most of my waking hours. Thankfully, summer is coming up, and I can't wait. Ever since I took over at the 'good school', things have been a little challenging. Not only is the year about to end, but the kids have had 5 different teachers before me, so they've gotten used to doing nothing and not listening to anybody...oh joy! Then we had the code blue last week, turns out it was one of the kids (yes, I have him), who used his own cell phone to call the sheriff's department from school during lunch....Another genius whose parents will probably have to foot the humongous bill (over $12,000) while he goes to court and contemplates how he ruined his next 5 years (no high school will want him). 

So for whatever reason, I haven't been around here as mush as I'd like. Truth is, I'm freaking tired. Not the I'vebeenupsincebeforesunriseandIcan'tkeepmyeyesopenanymore kind of tired. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but it's a body wide and five inches deep kind of tired. I made a doctor's appointment for next week because even though my heart rate is way down there (thanks to cycling), my BP is not, actually it's elevated, even though I take meds for it. Not wanting to croak before my time, I decided to find out what's going on, even though having Kaiser as my HMO means I may well be dead before that happens. So that's all I've got, except to say that I hate opening coconuts! I know what you're thinking, she's really gone off the deep end now, but really, have you ever successfully opened and de-shelled a coconut under 30 minutes? Well, I haven't. I love coconut, but every time I buy it I know I'm in for the battle of my life to try and open the darn thing, let alone eat it. I got so desperate that I actually youtubed it, you know, how to open a coconut without losing two or more fingers. The guy in the video must have been a professional coconut opener, cause I tried to do what he said and I almost lost two or more fingers....If you guys have any long held secret about how to open and eat coconuts, will you please share it? Otherwise, I may not be able to post anymore due to lack typing fingers....Aloha!

  Monica needs to call Jenny Craig asap...


  1. The only thing that ever worked for me was to drop them off my 2nd story porch onto the driveway!! I'm serious!

  2. I just eat an Almond Joy when I crave coconut. Glad you're seeing the Doc. I have my physical this week. I pigged out the night before my blood draw. I'm probably in trouble.

  3. I use organic virgin coconut oil. You just open the jar. :)

  4. I couldn't find an email address for you, so I'm responding to your question regarding my bandage here: I had basal skin cell carcinoma removed from my face. I have stitches from my nose to the corner of my mouth, and I was all swollen up like I'd either been run over by a truck or taken a major punch to the jaw. I was hurting but it's getting better now; I get the stitches removed this Tuesday and hopefully will be back to my old self soon!