Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday was our first official beach outing of the season, and the weather was great. As usual, we went to San Diego county, mostly because stupid LA county won't let you take your dogs to the beach, not even on a leash. I don't exactly know why, it's not like LA beaches are all that great or clean, actually, except for a few, they're all yucky, dirty and crowded with posers and snobbish LA types. No thanks! Anywho, we went to our beach, Cardiff by The Sea, which both I, the husband and the chis love. It was sunny but a little windy, which made putting up our 'beach tent' a little challenging. Ok, a lot challenging, it almost seemed like we were getting ready to sail rather than pitch a tent.

Truth be told, we put that contraption up more for the dogs than for us. Oh yes, the chis need to have their shade, that's when their true self comes out.....

Ever seen a beached whale that looks like a chi?

The beach was not too crowded and lots of people had their doggies out, which we always like, even though the chis bark at everything that moves because they're under the impression that this is their beach.....

Keeping guard...

All in all we had a good day. My main goal for the day was to not be a cracker anymore, and I'm happy to report I've accomplished my goal, I am now a lobster (just to keep it in the food theme...). Thankfully, my skin is rather old, leathered, adjusted to the sun, so a little Aloe vera oil after a shower goes a long way. The next step will be to look like a s'mores....
Enjoy what's left of this holiday weekend!

My mom has issues...woof, woof!


  1. Beach weather has not yet come to Maine, but it's just around the corner!

  2. Nice bicep. I'm going to go lift some weights now. Maybe.

  3. I'm already hard at work on my farmer's tan. ;)

  4. I'd like enough sun to be able to justify having a shade tent.

  5. You look good. I'm jealous.