Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yep, pretty dang happy, even for good Friday. I was off on Friday, so we went to the local AAA Club office to peruse, ask about, inquire about any cruise packages to Mexico. We wanted to go on another cruise down to Cabo, we went a couple of years ago for our 25th anniversary. On that trip though, we went with Carnival Cruise Lines, also known as the devil of the cruise line industry (they're probably related to Walmart), and hubby actually got Scabies from the bed blanket or comforter. Fortunately, I didn't get it, cause, smarty pants that I am, I always use the top sheet on the bed, and just to make sure, I got a nice skin burn  suntan, so the freaky skin mites probably got fried. Anywho, I was not impressed with the response I got from Carnival when I wrote them to let them know of our ordeal; let's just say they probably wrote it with invisible ink. So, I really didn't want to use them again, but apparently, they are the only ones to go to Mexico from the West coast. Princess Cruises also has trips down there, but only in the fall. All other cruise lines have abandoned ship (ah ah, I kill me..), and only do business on the East coast, with service to the Caribbean...East coast snobs...

At any rate, hubby was really hitching to go on a cruise so the lady started looking for packages for June with the devil's cruise line. I was already imagining us being adrift at sea, on a ship whose engines had 'malfunctioned', where the stench from the overflowing bathrooms was enough to knock you unconscious for a couple of hours, dying of hunger and thirst, when I was brought back to reality by the incredibly expensive, mind boggling prices the lady was reading from her screen. Maybe it's just me, but with all the problems that Carnival has had of late, you'd think they would keep their prices reasonable. So, we decided to skip the cruise and save ourselves from having to go to the doctor on our way back and decided to look at some comprehensive vacation packages in the land down under...under us that is, Mexico. Anyway, we booked 5 days in Cabo in an all inclusive resort for the end of June. The place has a very well known swimmable beach, I can hardly wait. The resort is a few minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, we're flying down there, so we don't have to worry about being shot at by the feuding drug cartels on our way down. 

Now, on to make you happy....I took this this morning in the parking lot of the bike shop. I love him!!!

I think his name is Bony Socks...

Isn't he great?
He's a great athlete...
He loves skateboards....

I actually shot a video, but stupid Blogger didn't work right...He was training for an upcoming event, or so his master said. I love bulldogs, they're so sweet and always happy.


  1. My sister just returned from an all inclusive package in Cancun. I've never been to Mexico and I guess I fear those drug cartels and the water! I hope you do have a great trip. Glad you're not taking Carnival Cruise lines...they have had so much bad publicity lately!

  2. At least you will get to take a vacation.
    I am getting paranoid about bed bugs so I am not sure I'll ever be taking another vacation.

  3. I will also be avoiding Carnival if I ever get to go on another cruise. I don't thin they've been handling their . . . um . . . incidents well, to put it nicely. And they probably raised their prices because they are refunding cruises, paying for hotel rooms, and handing out free cruises or partial cruises to their victims.

  4. We've been to Cabo twice--LOVED it both times!! Have a great trip & a HAPPY EASTER!!

  5. A trip to Cabo sounds great right about now. I love the dog! Too cute!! My daughter wants a bulldog. She needs a little less busy schedule, but I think one day she'll get one.

    Have a nice weekend!