Monday, February 18, 2013


It's time to catch up with the lovely lady and those pesky people in Weirdlandia, where things get weirder by the day. Let's peek in on her most recent life adventures.

The lovely lady had been back to Weirdlandia for a couple of weeks, everything seemed to be ok at first, no problems to report, no major shenanigans, no upheaval of any kind. Things seemed smooth, too smooth, the lovely lady had developed a nose for upcoming trouble, she sensed there was something amiss, and sure enough she was right. As it is usual in Weirdlandia, the beginning of a new semester, new year etc. always brings new things, people etc. sometimes good, sometimes not so good. This year was no different, the lovely lady came to know quite a few new people, some good, some not so good. Some of these people were with the lovely lady on a daily basis, and before you could spell 'disrespectfuldefiantI'mgoingtodowhateverIwantcausethat'swhatIdoat home' they had begun to show their true colors, which were not so good.

Like she had always done before, the lovely lady proceeded to handle the challenges that these challenging people were challenging her with. However, the lovely lady had forgot that in Weirdlandia people can and do say whatever they want, whether it's true or not. Actually, the people that run Weirldlandia really like it when the people who go to Weirdlandia lie to them because it makes their job so much fun. Obviously, the people in charge at Weirldlandia never believe for a minute that the people who go there can and do lie. No sir, everybody else lies, but not those innocent little people, they're little angels, all of them, and they would never do such a wrong thing as lying to cover themselves, never. A couple of the people who had been spending time with the lovely lady began to say that the lovely lady was using improper language, and was saying things like 'shut up' and 'shut the hell up'. The lovely lady had noticed that these were the same people who were causing a ruckus on a daily basis and were keeping the other people from learning and reaching their full potential.

However, in Weirdlandia the mot important thing was that the ones who scream the loudest were always listened to, no matter what crazy, made up, youknowthey'refreakinglying story they gave you. The lovely lady knew what was about to happen, so when she got back to her castle she checked with her personal assistant 'Google' and sure enough he had a message for her, which was delivered by one of the witches court jesters from Weirdlandia. The lovely lady had been invited to a special party with the court jester and one of the screamers' relatives because both the court jester and the relative knew for sure the lovely lady had used improper language. How did they know, you ask? But of course, one of the screamers had told them, so it had to be true. So, now the lovely lady is waiting for the big party, since it seems there's going to be more than a couple of people there, the lovely lady has decided to bring her own friends, you know, she's so close with her friends, they're almost a perfect 'union'. I'm quite sure the lovely lady will have enough 'fiction' stories very soon, to write the next three or four chapters. who knows, she might even be able to finish her book before long....


  1. Maybe it's time for a career change for the lovely lady. Maybe she should work with grown-ups. Maybe work at a fitness club. Or with animals. Something that the lovely lady would enjoy.

  2. Maybe she should take a vacation some place where the sun is warm and the natives are friendly

  3. Weirdlandia, with its court jesters and big parties, doesn't sound nearly as wacky and magical as its name implies. :(

  4. My dear, you really must move to this side of the US and teach here. We are quite aware of the antics of middle schoolers. It's one reason why I would NEVER teach that age! :) Hang in there. The truth shall set you free. One way or the other.

  5. Tell me again. Why did the lovely lady go back to Weirdlandia?
    It seems the little people are out to get her.