Friday, January 11, 2013


Well, I've got  story to tell, which is obviously totally non-fictitious fake, but I thought you'd enjoy it, since I rarely write stuff that is not happening to me. This is one of those times.....

There once was a very lovely lady who was born in a place far far away, a beautiful place, full of sunshine, great food and good looking people (well, mostly anyway). The lovely lady left her homeland when she was still a wee lad, and came to the new world, which by that time was not very new, but I digress... The lovely lady met a lovely guy and the two were married many moons ago. They had a very happy marriage for a long time, until the lovely guy, who by now had become a grumpy old man lovely mature man, had a brain fart and started acting like a jackass. The lovely lady, having used up all her patience, decided to hit the grumpy old man the lovely mature man over the head with a very heavy rolling pin, to shake him out of his stupor. Lo and behold, the lovely mature man came to his senses, realized that he was inches aways from losing the lovely lady, and began to act like the lovely mature man he was.

I wish I could say they lived happily ever after, but the story doesn't end here. Keep reading, it gets better. While the very lovely lady was dealing with the temporary insanity that had hit her lovely guy, she was also having to put up with a lot of chaos and nonsense from her work and her friends. The very lovely lady was employed by a large public entity, where many people, mostly younger and shorter than her, would go almost on a daily basis. The lovely lady had been at this place for quite a few years, she enjoyed her work for the most part, even if lately she had found herself having to deal with other people who also worked for the public entity, who seemed to have landed from another planet, or have been taking 'stupid pills' for quite a while now. Things got so weird at the public entity that the lovely lady was placed on leave because the other people where she worked, both tall and short, had started saying all kinds of crap, lies, unbelievably crazy stories toll tales about her, and her supervisor wanted to get to the bottom of it. 

At first the lovely lady was quite surprised at this turn of events, but since she was still being paid and had much more important things to deal with at that moment (like the lovely mature man's antics), she didn't mind too much. The large public entity hired John Wayne, Elliott Ness, Jay Edgar Hoover a private investigator, who investigated and investigated to his heart's content. He interviewed many people, and at the end of his investigation, he interrogated the very lovely lady as well. Weeks went by, and the lovely lady kept waiting to find out what the apocalyptic results of the investigation were, but she heard nothing. A new year appeared on the calendar and still nothing from the great investigator, the large public entity, or anybody else for that matter. 

The very lovely lady was really beginning to get annoyed at this whole story, she could not believe that such a public entity could do whatever it wanted, while wasting taxpayers money of course, and she was rather surprised at the callousness of some of the people who worked for such entity and who were entrusted with the younger and shorter people's life learning. These people really seemed like they could care less whether the aforementioned youngens were learning to be all they could be. She suspected as much because the large public entity has replaced her with another employee who had no education nor training related to the lovely lady's position, this seemed to indicate that the powers that be at the large public entity were really interested in something else rather than their primary charge: the youngens!

Well, that's all I have for now, I have to write the last couple of chapters, but somehow I don't know how to end the story, any ideas?


  1. Damn! I don't know what to say. I hope there's a happy ending to this tale out there somewhere!

  2. Hmmm. Was the replacement employee a temporary replacement, like a sub? Wouldn't they have to tell the lovely lady what the heck is going on?

  3. Wow. I really hope this has a happy ending, and regardless of tax payer money, work drama is just stupid. It's amazing how unprofessional people can be in a professional setting.

    Since it's kind of a fairy tale, I guess blasting them all with a magic wand and incinerating their weak little bones into powder is out of the question, huh?

  4. I think the lovely lady may need to put some feelers out and see what other job she may be qualified for. I am there is plenty out there for her and she may be happier.