Wednesday, December 19, 2012


That was an old Supertramp song, wasn't it? I guess I'm taking the long way home too, I saw David yesterday and we had a long talk. We decided to work things out, which makes me very happy. I know we have a lot of issues to work out, but the bottom line is that I love him and I want our marriage to work. During these dark days I kept thinking about the movie 'Castaway', with Tom Hanks. when Helen Hunt runs down to the car in the pouring rain to let him know she feels the same way and tells him, "you're the love of my life", that's exactly how I feel about him, he is the love of my life and I can't see my life without him. I could never picture myself with somebody else and my blood begins to boil if I imagine him with some other woman (definitely a slut of course).

I know it will take time, and being impatient and a type A personality (sometimes I think I'm even a AA personality, like the batteries..) doesn't make things easier for me, but I'm willing to stick things out and take my time. I believe anything worth something needs time and effort. Today we're going to the movies, then we'll see.

When I went over to the house yesterday, I took the chis with me, so they could see their brothers and sisters and cousins (the cats). Let me tell you, I've never seen a bunch of happier dogs. Monica, my other chi, was running in circles (and peeing herself) for about a half an hour. Bubba (the pit) would not leave my side and Easy (the crazy shepard) was so happy she kept going in and out of the front the rain... with her big muddy paws....The cats as usual were very affectionate, Billy the ancient one, opened one eye and said in cat English, "oh, it's you", then went back to sleep. Chance, the fat cat, tried to get me to feed him (that's how he got to be bigger than the chis), and psycho cat just stood there looking at me, trying to access the deep recesses of his mind, with no luck of course. I was happy to see all of them, Peanut and Max were elated, Peanut did not want to leave ( I think it was because he saw Monica's new bed and was extremely jealous), but I finally was able to dislodge them and bring them back to the apartment.

So, the long way home voyage has begun, it remains to be seen if the destination will remain the same. Any thoughts or advice you guys may have will be greatly appreciated it. I also want to thank all those readers (ok, those few readers...) who came by to visit from Eva's blog, your words and encouragement was great. Stay tuned for the next leg of the trip. 


  1. Unfortunately, I have no advice for you. I just hope that however things work themselves out you end up happy!!

  2. Well, I was surprised when you said you were splitting up, so hopefully things will work out.

  3. I hope David is able to recover from his addiction. Best for both of you

  4. I know it's just the beginning, and it'll take time and hard work, but I'm glad to hear you both are going to try to work things out. We're looking forward to happier postings in the future.

  5. Eva sent me over. Nice to meet you! And I hope you are able to put things back together. It isn't easy, but relationships never are, right?

    Merry Christmas!